IIICF Helps Mainland Enterprises Expand Business by Leveraging Macao’s Strengths as the Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries

The 12th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (hereinafter referred to as the “12th IIICF”) will be held in Macao from 22 to 23 July. After eleven years of development, IIICF has become the most influential annual event in the field of international infrastructure co-operation. Some mainland enterprises officially signed projects with Portuguese-speaking countries through IIICF, believing that Macao has given full play to its role as a Commercial and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (“the Platform”). The conferences and concurrent forums held during the event are reported to have helped enterprises better understand the infrastructure markets of Portuguese-speaking countries and countries involved in the  Belt and Road Initiative , thus serving as an important reference for future business development in these regions.

Signing projects and keeping abreast of international infrastructure trends

The China Railway 20th Bureau Group Co. Ltd. remarked that it officially signed a memorandum of understanding on the concession project of a sea-crossing bridge to connect Salvador and Itaparica Island in Brazil, and other related contracts, at the 9th IIICF. The contract amount is approximately RMB15.7 billion, and the project is currently in the preparatory stage prior to construction. Looking to the future, the group will constantly improve its competitiveness and achieve sustainable development in Latin America. It mentioned that IIICF has been held in Macao for many years, which has produced synergistic effects together with Macao’s role as the Platform, and has facilitated co-operation among countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. By participating in various IIICF conferences and activities, it can not only get to know about the overall development of international infrastructure but also keep abreast of its trends. It is believed that IIICF is a useful guideline for the group’s industrial landscape in international markets the years ahead.

Facilitating international exchanges and co-operation and seeking more partners involved in the  Belt and Road Initiative

The Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) stated that it signed two project contracts at the 10th IIICF, one of which is a wind power project in northern Luzon, the Philippines. The project is now proceeding steadily. Meanwhile, POWERCHINA had an in-depth exchange of views on further strengthening co-operation in the fields of energy and infrastructure with Malaysia and Zimbabwe during the event, and actively promoted the implementation of relevant projects. The corporation hoped to enhance co-operation on clean energy with enterprises engaging in photovoltaic, energy storage, and green hydrogen at the 12th IIICF, and expand business matching in the fields of water environment, traffic engineering, and more. It is believed that by participating in IIICF, POWERCHINA can seek more partners involved in the  Belt and Road Initiative, deepen bilateral co-operation, and increase its international influence and brand awareness, which are conducive to its international co-operation and business development.

Convening the IIICF last year amid the epidemic

According to the China Road & Bridge Corporation, it signed a contract for a project in Mozambique at the 8th IIICF, and later submitted a feasibility study report, which has been approved by the technical division. In addition, the corporation also signed a contract for a project in Ghana at the 10th IIICF, to promote road, bridge, motorway and other projects. It is believed that at IIICF, new collaborative relationships can be established with domestic and foreign counterparts, and the depth and breadth of co-operation can be expanded. It was also mentioned that IIICF was successfully held last year despite the coronavirus pandemic. The corporation looks forward to learning about emerging business forms and communicating with other industries to create new opportunities for co-operation at this year’s IIICF.

Since relocating from Beijing to Macao in 2012, IIICF has been staged in Macao for nine consecutive years. Last year, the 11th IIICF effectively organised a number of thematic forums, special activities and concurrent forums. A total of twelve co-operation agreements were signed between Chinese and foreign parties in various fields including road transport, residential building construction, photovoltaic power stations, and wind electricity. For more information about the 12th IIICF, please visit http://www.iiicf.org/.
(Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute)

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