IPIM Fosters Chengdu-Macao Closer Co-operation in Trade in Products and Services via the Macao Week

To foster Chengdu-Macao closer co-operation in trade in products and services, and enhance Macao’s role as a platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries (PSC), the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) has introduced even more new elements and measures in the “Macao Week in Sichuan•Chengdu”. Nearly one third of roadshow exhibitors are Macao enterprises joining the event for the first time, enriching the roadshow with more PSCs projects seminars, and newly added exhibition of professional services including finance and legal services.

Seamless Collaboration between Sichuan and Macao Exhibitors

At the “Macao Week in Sichuan•Chengdu” – Macao Tourism and MICE Presentation Seminar, which is organised by IPIM and the Macao Government Tourism Office, Executive Director of IPIM Vincent U said that Sichuan and Macao have been co-operating with each other in many aspects in the fields of MICE and commercial trade for so many years. In 2008, large signature events from both places – the Western China International Expo and the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) established partnership. Last year, a national-level new area – Tianfu New Area in Sichuan – reached collaboration with a professional MICE company under a large group in Macao, which led to the establishment of a liaison office of Tiangfu New Area in the city, successfully motivated some of the Macao enterprises to set up companies in Sichuan.

Intensifying the Interconnection, Trade and Investment Co-operation between PSCs, Chengdu and Macao

According to Vincent U, the “Macao Week in Sichuan•Chengdu” offers a great opportunities to publicise Macao’s professional services such as trade in products, financial and legal services. In respect of exhibition and sales arrangement, the promotion of Macao brands and made-in-Macao products has been strengthened. Nearly one third of Macao brands and made-in-Macao products join the roadshow for the first time. The Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) has also set up a booth at the event and introduces attendees to some of the special shops from Macao.

In terms of conference, PSC project presentation seminars have been introduced in the event, where financial and legal professionals have been invited to introduce the functions of Macao’s commercial and trade platform. The newly added elements are expected to further enhance trade and investment collaboration between PSCs, Macao, Chengdu, Sichuan, and the broad market in the western part of China.

Roadshow Combined with Conferences to Create Business Opportunities for Enterprises

The “Macao Week in Sichuan•Chengdu” mega roadshow is staged at Jiaozi Plaza from 23 (today) to 27 September. IPIM has organised 35 Macao enterprises to participate in the event and promote made-in-Macao products, Macao brands and Portuguese-speaking countries’ products distributed by Macao agents. Aside from joining the roadshow, IPIM will hold the “Chengdu-Macao Business Matching and Networking Session” tomorrow (24 Sept) to strengthen the exchange and co-operation between Chengdu and Macao enterprises.

Furthermore, more PSC elements have been introduced in the event. In addition to showing products that represent eight PSC, exhibiting handicrafts, food, coffee and other PSC products in the “Portuguese-speaking Countries Exhibition Zone”, the “Join Macao, Seize PSCs Opportunities” Investor Presentation Session will be held tomorrow (24 Sept), which will enable local participants to have deeper understanding, highlighting Macao’s influence as a platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries

During the “Macao Week in Sichuan•Chengdu” activities, the relevant units and participants must strictly follow the anti-pandemic guidelines issued by local health authorities and fully cooperate with the pandemic prevention efforts.
(Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute)

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