Macao’s composite interest rates – 3rd Quarter 2021

26 November 2021

According to statistics released today by the Monetary Authority of Macao, funding costs of the local banking sector generally declined in the third quarter of 2021.

At end-September 2021, the composite interest rates for MOP and HKD fell 2 basis points and 3 basis points, from 0.50% and 0.86% at end-June 2021 to 0.48% and 0.83% respectively.

Macao’s composite interest rates are the weighted average interest rates of all interest-bearing liabilities and non-interest-bearing demand deposits on local banks’ books. These statistical indicators facilitate the financial sector to closely track movements in domestic funding costs.

Detailed information about the composite interest rates of Macao is available in the latest time series on AMCM Internet Website.
(Monetary Authority of Macao)

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