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18 January 2018

The number of visitors entering Macau in 2017, more than 32.6 million, set a new record, the Director of the Tourism Bureau (DST) said on Wednesday, forecasting an increase of between 1.0 % and 3.0% this year.

17 January 2018

China plans to study the economic feasibility of construction projects for a deep-water port, assembling thermal power plants and modernisation of São Tomé and Príncipe’s international airport, said China’s Foreign Minister, who on Tuesday concluded a visit to São Tomé.

16 January 2018

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of China is due on Tuesday to attend an audience with the President of the Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, Evaristo Carvalho and later with Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada, after starting a 48-hour visit to the West African archipelago on Monday.

15 January 2018

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi will on Tuesday in São Tomé and Príncipe conclude an African tour that took him to Rwanda, Gabon and Angola.

15 January 2018

Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) and Guinea-Bissau are expected to post economic growth above the regional and global average in 2018, according to the World Bank, which has also significantly reduced growth forecasts for Mozambique and raised them for Angola.

11 January 2018

China’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Wang Yi, is due to arrive in Luanda on 13 January to sign an agreement to abolish visas for ordinary passports with the Angolan government, the Angolan Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday.

11 January 2018

The World Bank has revised its economic growth forecast for Mozambique this year to 3.2%, a drop of 2.9 percentage points from the June 2017 forecast, according to the Global Economic Outlook report published on Wednesday in Washington.

5 January 2018

Trade between China and the eight Portuguese-speaking countries was in excess of US$100 billion between January and November, rising by 29.47% year-on-year to US$107.75 billion, according to official Chinese figures published by Forum Macau.

2 January 2018

São Tomé and Príncipe and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) are expected to lead economic growth in Portuguese-speaking Africa in 2018, followed closely by Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique, with Angola seeing the most modest forecasts for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.

29 December 2017

Trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries grew 29.81% year-on-year from January to October to US$97.99 billion, according to official Chinese figures issued on Thursday by Forum Macau.

28 December 2017

This year was marked by a recovery in trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, new business projects and a strengthening of Macau’s role through new instruments in Sino-Portuguese cooperation.

18 December 2017

The business environment improved from 2016 to 2017 in all Portuguese-speaking countries, among which Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) was the best positioned and Angola the one that rose the most, according to the classification in the World Bank “Doing Business” report for 2018.

15 December 2017

Portuguese state banks Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) and Banco BPI have increased their holdings in the capital stock of Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI) in Mozambique under an agreement with Mozambican group Insitec Capital, which ceased to be a shareholder in the bank, according to market filings.

15 December 2017

São Tomé and Príncipe’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP) is expected to announce the results of the public tender for exploration of blocks 10 and 13 in the country’s exclusive economic zone in 30 to 45 days, the ANP’s director general announced on Wednesday in São Tomé.

5 December 2017

Recredit, the company created to manage the debt of the Angolan banking system, intends to resolve around three quarters of bank loans that have matured more than 90 days ago, said the chairman of the Board of Directors, Venâncio Leitão, in statements to Angolan newspaper Valor Económico.

4 December 2017

The benchmark interest rate of the Angolan market, the BNA, was raised by two percentage points, from 16% to 18%, a decision intended to curb consumer price increases in the country, according to the latest decisions of the Monetary Policy Committee (CPM) of the National Bank of Angola.

29 November 2017

The Minister of Finance and Economy of Mozambique, Adriano Maleiane, has said it is impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop in the country with the current level of interest rates put in place by the banking sector, according to Maputo newspaper Noticias.

24 November 2017

Public Companies from Portugal and China on Wednesday in Lisbon signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of transport infrastructure, roads and railways, in Portuguese-speaking countries, which may also include Brazil.

23 November 2017

Hong Kong, in first place, followed by mainland China, in second, are together the largest importer of meat from Brazil, buying chickens, pigs and cattle in the amount of 1 billion reais (US$308 million) every month, Brazilian newspaper Gazeta do Povo reported.

20 November 2017

São Tomé and Príncipe plans to become world agricultural heritage, and a commission is preparing a “plan of action” to submit to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Saturday in São Tomé an official responsible for the application.