Cabo Verde introduces new types of contracts through Commercial Code

5 August 2019

Cabo Verde's new Commercial Code and Commercial Companies Code will come into force on 21 October, replacing colonial legislation that is over a century old and introducing new types of contracts.

São Tomé airport revamp starts to take shape

2 August 2019

Technical studies for the revamp of São Tomé International Airport, whose limitations make it one of the country’s bottlenecks, are almost complete. The most delicate part, financing, is still being worked out. Prospects are more complicated for another Chinese-built major infrastructure, the deepwater port.

Meeting of China-Portuguese-speaking businesspeople in São Tomé and Príncipe leads to 10 potential deals

29 July 2019

The São Tomé Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APCI) will follow up on potential deals that resulted from the meeting of entrepreneurs from China and Portuguese-speaking countries, said the director of the São Tomé and Príncipe agency.

Mozambique prepares a new strategy to attract investment from China

22 July 2019

Mozambique is finalising a new strategy to attract investment from China, focused on agro-industry and light industry, at a time when the country is also being sought out by Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers.

Banco Nacional Ultramarino well prepared to support companies from Portuguese speaking countries

15 July 2019

Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) is well prepared to participate in the Greater Bay Area project as a business partner of companies in Portuguese-speaking countries and China, said the chief executive director of the first bank ever established in Macau.

Between beauty and ritual in the Portuguese-speaking countries

12 July 2019

Art has been around for at least 10,000 years. It has taken many forms, from paintings on cave walls to dead sheep suspended in formaldehyde. But, whatever the medium, age and location, one thing is for sure: you can tell a lot about a culture when you look at its art. As the late anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss said, objects matter.

Macau offers the Greater Bay Area its privileged relationship with Portuguese-speaking countries

8 July 2019

The diversification of Macau's economy centred on relations with Portuguese-speaking countries is essential if the territory is to find its place in the Greater Bay Area, said the chief executive of Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU).

Cloud computing from Macao arriving in Cabo Verde

5 July 2019

With Huawei already a key player in Cabo Verde’s IT sector, Macao-based tech company Bringbuys Web Technology is taking firm strides to establish itself in the archipelago, which has ambitious plans for e-governance. The Macao company’s own ambitions extend to other Portuguese-speaking countries, both in the region and beyond.

World Bank highlights China’s support for improvements in electricity generation in Angola

1 July 2019

Angola's electricity production capacity, one of the critical factors for the country's development, has been increasing thanks to support provided by China, according to the World Bank.

Cabo Verde revamps air and maritime transport

28 June 2019

Air and maritime transports have long been identified as a major bottleneck for economic growth and development of Cabo Verde. Flying to Lisbon, Portugal, is often cheaper than flying between islands, and moving goods internally is also expensive for local companies. A revamp of air and maritime transports, a priority for the local Government, is finally taking form, but with mixed prospects.

China involved in eight African ports in Portuguese-speaking countries

24 June 2019

China is involved in eight port projects, which have either been completed or announced in Portuguese-speaking countries, as a construction company or through funding, according to a recent survey by the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS).

African Free Trade Zone gains momentum

17 June 2019

The United Nations Economic Commission and the African Development Bank are actively promoting the treaty establishing free trade in Africa, which has been signed by the Portuguese-speaking countries and already validated.

New Angolan State Budget for 2019 considers a more adverse scenario

10 June 2019

Last week the Angolan parliament approved a proposal for a review of the General State Budget (OGE) for 2019, which reflects a more adverse economic situation than initially expected, mainly due to the fall in oil prices.

Chinese funding to Angola is an example of “transparency”, says US researcher

3 June 2019

Funding from China to African countries has provided mutual benefits, with Angola being an example of "transparency" in the granting of capital, said US researcher Deborah Bräutigam.

The sacred SAR of Macao

31 May 2019

Could Macao become a destination for religious tourism? The city’s hallowed past may prove an important cog in its future development.

New consumer and import taxes in Angola introduced on 1 July

27 May 2019

Value Added Tax (IVA in Portuguese) is due to come into force on 1 July in Angola, as part of a broad reform of the tax system, which includes a new consumer tax, according to the Legis-PALOP+TL legal database.

Debt woe continues for Mozambique

24 May 2019

The government of Mozambique is battling to bring its debt under control. Public debt as a proportion of GDP reached 110.5% at the end of 2018, up from a low of 37.5% in 2011 thanks to long-running debt relief.

Brazil wants to expand strategic partnership with China

20 May 2019

The government of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wants to strengthen and expand trade ties between Brazil and China, which is the message that Vice President Hamilton Mourão will give to Chinese President Xi Jinping at a meeting scheduled for Friday, 24 May, in Beijing.

Relations between Macau and Portugal are excellent, political leaders say

14 May 2019

Relations between Macau and Portugal are excellent and our cooperation is also being strengthened in several areas, said the Chief Executive of Macau and the President of the Portuguese Republic at a meeting in Lisbon on Monday.

New changes introduced to the Angolan system for attracting and negotiating investment

6 May 2019

The Angolan government has introduced further changes to the organic statute of the Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (Aipex), which is now responsible for registering investments but not for their approval.