Creative and cultural industries key to Macao’s economic diversification

15 September 2017

The creative and cultural industries have become a significant economic force in Macao in recent years. A report released by the Statistics and Census Service recorded more than 1,700 organisations operating in the sector in 2015, generating total service receipts of MOP6.24 billion.

Italy’s ENI and China’s CNPC groups have new natural gas partner in Mozambique

11 September 2017

US group ExxonMobil has acquired a stake in the operator of Mozambique's northern Area Block 4, where its partners are Italian group ENI (35.7%) and the China National Petroleum Corporation (28.6%).

Built and rebuilt – Macao Archives reveals the city’s architectural history

8 September 2017

An exhibition at the Macao Archives offers a rare look at the city’s development from the end of the 19th century to present day, and the work of its architects and engineers.

Angolan president-elect focuses on China for reforms

4 September 2017

A few weeks before taking office as the new president of Angola, João Lourenço acknowledged that the country is in need of more incentives to attract further investment and said the Chinese historical leader Deng Xiaoping's policies were an example of a successful reform.

Macau University of Science and Technology aims for global status

1 September 2017

18 years after its inception, Macau University of Science and Technology has more than 10,000 students and is a leader in product development, research and innovation within the Greater China area.

Mozambique’s economy on the road to recovery

28 August 2017

The Mozambican economy has been showing signs of revival, with the economy accelerating, the currency gaining value and international reserves being restored after a difficult year in 2016, analysts indicate.

The legend lives on – Kit Yee Tong, the oldest martial arts club in Macao

25 August 2017

Standing opposite to the historic Na Tcha Temple of Mount Hill is a humble two-storey compound home to a kung fu legend more than a century old.

Air and sea transport undergoes transformation in Cabo Verde

21 August 2017

With the privatisation process of the TACV airline finally launched, the Cape Verdean government is also preparing to make important changes in maritime transport, in a process that is being followed with interest by China.

Lai Kei: Ice cream shop keeps old Macao favourite alive

18 August 2017

Where in Macao can you buy fresh, hand-made coconut, mango, sesame, honey melon and peppermint ice cream for just MOP13 (US$1.6)?

Macau has “attractive” conditions for foreign investors

14 August 2017

Macau has attractive conditions for foreign investors, particularly for setting up companies and for the transit of goods, according to a market study by the Portuguese agency for the promotion of foreign trade, AICEP Portugal Global.

Where does the Macau water come from

11 August 2017

In end-2016, Macau’s total population was 644,900 and annual water consumption hit 86.70 million cubic meters. The number had been steadily rising.

Mozambique’s Banks Resisting Economic Adversities Quite Well

7 August 2017

Even after two central bank interventions, the Mozambican banking sector has shown itself to be quite flexible at a time when the country’s economy is undergoing a process of accelerated growth following the very difficult year of 2016, analysts indicate.

Macau – Building towards the future

4 August 2017

Over the next decade, Macao will undertake a series of new infrastructure projects that promise to improve the lives of its citizens by reclaiming land, adding new public housing, and improving transportation. Among the slated projects are a new bridge and a tunnel linking the Macao Peninsula to the Taipa Island

Cabo Verde moves ahead with golden visas for investors

31 July 2017

A programme of gold visas for investors is one of the measures being prepared by the Cape Verdean government to attract foreign investment to the archipelago, the Cape Verdean prime minister told Macao Magazine.

Cabo Verde and China: a closer partnership

28 July 2017

Ulisses Correia e Silva, Cabo Verdean Prime Minister, discusses how he hopes to work more closely with Asian investors to diversify the West African archipelago’s economy

Portugal’s interest in Belt and Road” strategy increases

24 July 2017

The Portuguese government's interest in the country taking part in the "Belt and Road" initiative is becoming apparent through new instruments of institutional and financial cooperation.

Cabo Verde moves to create the first Special Maritime Economic Zone in the Portuguese-speaking countries

17 July 2017

The project of the future Special Economic Zone (EEZ) of São Vicente, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), is a priority for the government and the country is preparing to receive the first facility of this kind, focused on the maritime sector and created with the support of China in the Portuguese-speaking countries.

Mong­‑Ha: The oldest settlement in the Macao peninsula

14 July 2017

Many visitors to Macao seek out the Kun Iam temple to marvel at its shrines, gilded statues, and terraced gardens. But few realise that they are standing in what little remains of the oldest settlement in the peninsula – Mong-Ha village.

Funds for cooperation with Africa are available, but well prepared projects are lacking

10 July 2017

The availability of European funds to finance cooperation projects in Africa is large, but there is a lack of well-prepared projects, particularly in Portuguese-speaking African countries, according to the president of the Portuguese Development Finance Society (Sofid).

Masters of wood – Macao museum remembers China’s master carpenter

7 July 2017

Down a narrow street in central Macao, close to Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro is the Lu Ban Carpentry Exhibition, dedicated to Lu Ban, a master carpenter, engineer and inventor who lived 2,500 years ago and is generally known as China’s patron of builders and contractors.