Chance and challenge: chronicling the histories of Macanese families

11 May 2018

The second edition of Famílias Macaenses (Macanese Families) by the historian and genealogist Jorge Forjaz consists of six volumes with thousands of pages, encompassing nearly 500 families, with more than 70,000 cited names and over 3,000 photos.

Mozambique has available funds to diversify the economy

7 May 2018

Mozambique is facing a difficult economic and financial situation, but in the next few years, companies will have funds from international institutions for economic diversification projects, according to the latest Africa Report on the country.

China´s Premier promises Greater Bay Area plan in 2018

4 May 2018

The Chinese government will unveil and implement a development plan for the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) later this year and promote in all areas mutually beneficial cooperation between the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, Premier Li Keqiang said in his government work report to the National People’s Congress (NPC) in March.

China is Mozambique’s largest financier and builder of infrastructure

30 April 2018

China is now the largest financier and builder of infrastructure in Mozambique, and built the Maputo-Catembe bridge, the Maputo circular road, National Road 6 and the fishing port of Beira city, said the ambassador of China to the country, in statements made in Maputo to Macao magazine.

Smaller economies among Portuguese-speaking African countries grow above the regional average in 2018

23 April 2018

São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), the three smallest Portuguese-speaking African economies, are expected to see economic growth in 2018 well above the average for the sub-Saharan Africa region, according to the latest forecast from the International Monetary Fund.

Innovation push elevates Guangzhou’s role in Greater Bay Area project

20 April 2018

As Guangzhou intensifies its coordinated efforts to establish itself as the centre for technology innovation in China, it also moves into a leadership position in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area project, a major national initiative taking shape in the coming decades.

International environmental cooperation forum in Macau ends with 35 agreements signed

16 April 2018

Thirty-five signed agreements were the most visible result of this year's edition of the Macau International Environmental Cooperation Forum (MIECF), which ran from 12 to 14 April organised by the government of the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR).

Traditional Chinese settlements pátios serve as valuable heritage enriching Macao’s cultural identity

13 April 2018

Architect Jimmy Wardhana was wandering around the old district near the Ruins of St. Paul’s, when he discovered an inconspicuous Chinese doorway that led into a quiet alleyway no more than three metres wide.

Financial innovation needed to support Sino-Portuguese business projects in the New Silk Road

9 April 2018

Business projects involving China and Portuguese-speaking countries have been receiving official Chinese funding, but the deepening of this cooperation in the "era" of the New Silk Road requires innovative financial mechanisms, the president of the Fund for Cooperation and Development between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries said in Lisbon.

Macao’s mangroves: A hidden coastal nature

6 April 2018

Mangroves serve as roots of the sea, they protect our shorelines and are a nursery ground for our biodiversity.

Business tourism benefits from new measures in Angola

3 April 2018

A set of measures to promote business tourism in Angola is being introduced, facilitating access to the country and domestic transport, as part of government efforts to stimulate the economy, according to the latest report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Macao, Cotai, and the New Architecture – A space ripe for experimentation and open for innovation

29 March 2018

Western media often connect the term “future” to the word China, to such a degree that there is an urgent need to ask people who work in China today if, from the standpoint of age-old Chinese philosophy, they see time as “a notion of processes and revelations whose opportunity and duration are not consistent with categorisation in a common and comprehensive concept.”

Chinese company interested in Cabo Verde’s inter-island shipping tender

26 March 2018

The international public tender for concession of inter-island passenger and cargo shipping has attracted interest from a Chinese shipowner, as well as from similar Portuguese, Cape Verdean and other companies, according to the Africa Monitor Intelligence newsletter.

LNG in Mozambique:The future of a country

23 March 2018

With proven reserves of 100 trillion cubic feet, Mozambique ranks 12th among the countries with the largest natural gas proven reserves, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration EIA.

Macau boosts ties between Portuguese and Chinese companies in the environmental sector

19 March 2018

The environmental sector has great potential for cooperation between Portuguese and Chinese companies, and Macau can be an exchange hub, according to officials from both countries.

China-Africa trade expands, e-commerce makes rapid strides

16 March 2018

Since China became Africa’s largest trading partner in 2009, trade has continued to climb, helped by cooperative frameworks put in place by the Chinese government and its African counterparts. The momentum is expected to build over the medium term, and the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in September is likely to help ensure that these increasingly close economic ties become even closer.

Angola leads in attracting Chinese financing for energy infrastructure

12 March 2018

Angola is the African country that has received most Chinese funding for the construction of energy infrastructure since the year 2000, according to a recent study from Boston University, in the United States.

Outlook improves for the natural gas industry in Mozambique

5 March 2018

The signing of new contracts for the sale of Mozambican natural gas, namely to China, as well as the government approval of the Area 1 project led by US group Anadarko Petroleum, have improved the outlook for this industry in Mozambique in recent weeks.

Creating a global campus for Macao’s University of St. Joseph

2 March 2018

The new campus took four years of construction, beginning in 2013, at a cost of around MOP600 million (US$74.6 million).

Brazil’s “door is open” to China’s “Belt and Road” initiative

26 February 2018

China has announced that it intends to extend the "Belt and Road" initiative to Brazil and other South American countries in a move interpreted by analysts as a way of taking advantage of the US retreat in its relationship with the region.