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19 December 2016

Relations between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries were marked in 2016 by the 5th Ministerial Conference of Forum Macau, which reinforced the importance of the Special Administrative Region, the Chinese currency and industrial partnerships.

5 December 2016

A presence in Africa is one of the main factors that has attracted Chinese investors to the privatisations of Portuguese companies in recent years, and investment is expected to continue, according to journalists Anabela Campos and Isabel Vicente.

21 November 2016

With the new private investment law Angola has improved conditions to stimulate investment, which are necessary to diversify the economy, but should deepen reform and make better use of infrastructure such as the Lobito Corridor, said researcher Áurea Mouzinho.

31 October 2016

Smaller, though also more diversified: small economies of the Portuguese language world such as Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde have better growth prospects in 2016 than larger ones such as Angola that are more dependent on commodities.

24 October 2016

Millennium BCP and Novo Banco, two of the largest Portuguese banks and that have an important presence in Portuguese-speaking Africa may soon have Chinese financial companies among their shareholders, through operations that are animating the financial market.

17 October 2016

The high level of the participants in the Forum Macau Ministerial ConferaThe high level of the participants in the Forum Macau Ministerial Conference 2016 is interpreted by analysts as a sign of the growing importance of the Portuguese language block in the international projection to which China is committed.ence 2016 is interpreted by analysts as a sign of the growing importance of the Portuguese language block in the international p…

11 October 2016

The Ministerial Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries that began on Tuesday in Macau, is the highest level of all previous conferences, which is a sign of the growing importance and complexity of this multilateral relationship.

5 October 2016

The currency of China has been attracting African countries, especially after its inclusion among the benchmark currencies of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with Angola considered one of the countries that will most benefit from its use.

29 August 2016

The largest Special Economic Zone in Angola, the Luanda-Bengo SEZ (ZEELB), which was built with the support of China, will open most of its industrial units to private investment in an effort to rationalise resources and stimulate economic diversification.

22 August 2016

Angola is one of only seven African countries where Chinese group Huawei has created training centres, which, according to researcher Benjamin Tsui are an opportunity for these countries to acquire knowledge in information technology.

25 July 2016

Angola’s decision to dispense with support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at a difficult economic and financial time was based on the idea of securing new financial support from China and of strengthening relations with other Asian countries, according to analysts.

27 June 2016

Angola has received a quarter of all the loans China has granted to African countries in the last 15 years and Angolan state oil company Sonangol has received 84 percent of all the loans granted to the extractive industries, according to a new academic database.

20 June 2016

The diversification of Angola’s economy, which is a major priority for the country’s authorities, will have the support of China and some support instruments will be analysed “very soon” at the mixed commission between the two countries. The country is facing difficulties as a result of the drop, since 2014, in the price of oil, which made it more urgent to boost the weight of the non-oil sector. As a result of this on 13 June Angola and China discussed economic cooperation at a meeting between multi-sector delegations in Beijing, according to Angolan news agency Angop.

13 June 2016

The South Atlantic, where five Portuguese-speaking countries are located, has been a privileged area for key companies China in their efforts at globalisation and Angola and Brazil are among the top five destinations for Chinese investment in the last decade, according to a recent study.

6 June 2016

The arrival of the Bank of China in Angola is generating expectations in the business and financial sectors in the Angolan capital, as it will potentially facilitate payments abroad, currently constrained by a lack of foreign currency.

30 May 2016

Support from China for the industrialisation of Angola and Mozambique has been set as an objective on a government level, as large investments in local production capacity, even more necessary at a time of economic difficulties, are now expected.

18 April 2016

Restoring confidence to setting up business partnerships is the aim of the new Angola-China Chamber of Commerce, whose governing bodies include important figures from Angolan society and the business world.

21 March 2016

With the downturn in tax revenue, funding from China has become even more important to Angola and is being implemented in smaller key projects better suited to local needs, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

29 February 2016

China has been involved in urban development in Angola, particularly in Luanda, and its experience in this field may help the economic diversification of Angola, with more investment in real estate, thus overcoming current economic difficulties.

1 February 2016

Financial support from China to African countries where Portuguese is the official language (PALOP) amounted to S$22.6 billion between 2000 and 2014, half of which was directed to Angola, according to Chinese official figures cited in a study published recently.