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29 March 2016

The ongoing changes in China’s economy may be an opportunity for African countries that now mainly export raw materials and oil, to adapt and diversify exports and move up the value chain, according to analysts.

20 March 2016

In the late 17th century, a Portuguese Jesuit built the largest pipe organ in East Asia, in a church in Beijing. Thousands came to hear him play the instrument, which included sounds of birds, animals and humans. It was a novel way to bring the Chinese close to Christianity.

14 March 2016

China and Brazil are two countries that are well positioned to boost agriculture in Africa, whose growth sector is seen as vital for the continent’s development, according to analysts.

7 March 2016

The EDP Group will continue this year with an asset sale policy, specifically to its main shareholder, China Three Gorges (CTG) in order to reduce its level of debt, said the group’s chairman.

4 March 2016

In the northeast corner of Hengqin is growing an industrial park with an ambitious goal – to win international recognition for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and turn it into products that are sold around the world.

29 February 2016

China has been involved in urban development in Angola, particularly in Luanda, and its experience in this field may help the economic diversification of Angola, with more investment in real estate, thus overcoming current economic difficulties.

26 February 2016

The Free Trade Area (FTA) of Hengqin has received approval from the State Council to double its land area and promised a warm welcome to projects from Macao.

22 February 2016

The level of Chinese investment in Africa is expected to remain high in the near future, even in the current economic slowdown, according to analysts of Sino-African relations.

9 February 2016

The Chinese community in Portugal in 2015, gave awards to the former Minister of Energy, several political and public administration leaders as well the director of Diário de Todos (Everybody´s Daily), the first Portuguese-Chinese bilingual newspaper published in Portugal.

5 February 2016

From the early 19th century, China’s most important export was tea. The profits from this lucrative business went to foreign companies backed by their global networks and the military might of their governments. Little of the profit went to the Chinese.

1 February 2016

Financial support from China to African countries where Portuguese is the official language (PALOP) amounted to S$22.6 billion between 2000 and 2014, half of which was directed to Angola, according to Chinese official figures cited in a study published recently.

30 January 2016

Sino-Lusophone Agricultural Cooperation proves to be a win-win for all. With growing wealth in China, the Chinese are getting more sophisticated and demanding in their food habits. For example, in 1985 they consumed 25 kilos of meat per person; in 2010 it grew to over 50 kilos. This voracious appetite for meat and other food products has put a severe strain on the country’s ability to feed itself. However, recent Chinese overseas investment in agriculture in the Lusophone world offers a way to ease the problem of supply. Such collaboration will benefit both parties.

11 January 2016

The Chinese authorities and companies from China are launching new projects in Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), in areas such as fisheries, tourism and the media, which promise closer relations with the Portuguese-speaking countries of West Africa.

8 January 2016

“It is a sparsely settled island, with a large number of rich families. Maritime commerce is one of their chief occupations and, wherever there is a region in which profits could be reaped by trading, these people strive for them, with the result that their commercial vessels are to be seen on the seven seas.”

4 January 2016

The economic forecasts for Mozambique have lost some lost some momentum in recent months, but a set of new projects funded by China in the county’s two major cities should stimulate growth.