Tag: Macau

24 March 2016

When walking through the streets of Macao, don’t be surprised to find yourself asking what all these splashes of colour and designs drawn on walls represent. You may also find yourself smiling at the provocation.

11 March 2016

With growing wealth in China, the Chinese are getting more sophisticated and demanding in their food habits. For example, in 1985 they consumed 25 kilos of meat per person; in 2010 it grew to over 50 kilos. This voracious appetite for meat and other food products has put a severe strain on the country’s ability to feed itself.

4 March 2016

In the northeast corner of Hengqin is growing an industrial park with an ambitious goal – to win international recognition for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and turn it into products that are sold around the world.

26 February 2016

The Free Trade Area (FTA) of Hengqin has received approval from the State Council to double its land area and promised a warm welcome to projects from Macao.

19 February 2016

In the early 18th century, a young man left the city of Braga, in northern Portugal, for Goa. There his descendants married into a family well established in Macao. A new book tells the dramatic story of this family, in Macao, then Hong Kong and in countries around the Pacific Rim.

12 February 2016

The government has unveiled a Five-Year Plan for the first time with the aim of turning Macao into a world tourism and leisure hub.

25 January 2016

African countries such as Angola and Mozambique are seeking alternatives to scarce US dollars, leading some analysts to declare 2016 the “Year of the renminbi in Africa,” in which Macau can play an important role.

8 January 2016

“It is a sparsely settled island, with a large number of rich families. Maritime commerce is one of their chief occupations and, wherever there is a region in which profits could be reaped by trading, these people strive for them, with the result that their commercial vessels are to be seen on the seven seas.”